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Points of Pride

Kilpatrick Elementary's  5 Points of Pride:



1. PBIS - 3rd Place PBIS Video PBIS Supports Positive Student Behaviors, Academic Success, and Healthy Social and Emotional Learning

PBIS has impacted Kilpatrick Elementary by creating a positive and inclusive culture and improving student behavior and academic outcomes. It also strengthens the relationship between students, teachers, and staff. By establishing clear expectations and providing consistent consequences for misbehavior, PBIS has helped reduce disruptive behaviors, disciplinary incidents, and office referrals at Kilpatrick Elementary.



2.  1st place Grand Champions in the county

Cheerleading at Kilpatrick gives all 3 - 5 students the ability to show off their talent and skill. Cheer teaches students to approach all things in life with a positive attitude and a determination to do everything to the best of their ability, no matter the situation. Commitment to the task at hand is what it takes to be not only a great cheerleader but a future productive member of the community. 



3. Imagine LearningHighest Participation in the District 

Student's literacy skills have developed, which has enhanced the ESOL students the ability to read grade level texts independently and communicate ideas effectively. Students using Imagine Learning have shown significant growth in reading skills in comparison to those who do not participate. 

4. Inner Explorer High and consistent use of Inner Explorer as a resource to encourage mindfulness. 

The impact of using Inner Explorer as a resource for mindfulness is tremendous. Scholars are afforded the opportunity to get in tune with themselves through self-reflective activities that have a real-world connection. I have seen many altercations dissipate because of the practices and examples provided on the Inner Explorer platform. Scholars are able to express themselves and have empathy for others. Scholars expect their Inner Explorer opportunities daily. Many times, they relate what they learned from the experience to others.




5. First in Math  Awards

                               2nd place school-wide usage and growth in the county (elementary)                                                                                     Kindergarten 1st place in usage and growth                                                                                      Kilpatrick Elementary First in Math Top Teacher Drake Dayan                                               Kilpatrick is #8 in State

First in Math has enhanced students' math skills and increased our overall math achievement scores. In one year, we saw a 12 percentage point gain in math achievement. This was due to the intentional usage of First in Math as a part of our intervention program.

First in Math Winners

                                                                              First in Math Winners


Kindergarten 1st Place Award